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For millions of Americans, hearing loss impacts much more than just the ability to hear—it drastically lowers overall quality of life. When you can’t hear, it steals your confidence and leads you down a path of withdrawal and isolation, where your favorite activities become a struggle and life just isn’t as much fun.

But you can do something about it starting today.

Since 1992, Riverside Hearing Services has helped thousands of patients overcome hearing loss. We’ve helped patients of all ages correct hearing problems of all types, and the process of having your hearing tested is easy and efficient.

We begin with a comprehensive hearing evaluation where we get to know you, your unique hearing needs, and the characteristics of your hearing loss. Then, we’ll present you with your options for treatment and will recommend hearing aids only if they can truly help you.

If hearing aids can help, we’ll guide you in selecting the best model for you and your needs, and our commitment to the community is to offer the best and most comprehensive line of hearing aids in the area. Once you’ve selected your hearing aids, we’ll show you everything you need to know to use and care for them, and we’re always here if you need any help.


We match Costco Pricing on Phonak hearing systems.

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Laurie Nastas, M.A., CCC-A
Laurie Nastas, M.A., CCC-A


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5 Reasons to Act Today

  1. You’ll increase your self-confidence.
    When you can carry on a conversation, and can clearly hear what others are saying, you’ll not only feel smarter, you’ll act it, too.
  2. You’ll improve your relationships with family and friends.
    When you hear better, it makes it easier to communicate and stay connected.
  3. You can increase your income.
    You’ll enjoy work more and won’t miss out on opportunities because of hearing loss.
  4. You’ll feel better physically.
    Hearing loss is directly correlated to increased hospital visits. With better hearing, your balance may improve and you’ll be healthier and happier, too.
  5. You’ll enjoy life more.
    With better hearing, you can live life to its fullest.

Why Choose Riverside Hearing Services?

  • We love helping people reconnect with those they love through better hearing. Our passion is helping you hear better so you can enjoy your passions, too.
  • We help you understand what type of hearing loss you have and the best solutions that are available to you, so you can make an informed buying decision—one that will make you happy.
  • While there are lots of options out there, we’ve researched and tested hundreds of hearing devices and only carry the best.
  • Once you’ve selected the best hearing aid for your hearing, your lifestyle and your budget, we program it for perfection—which is the big difference to determining the quality of sound you hear.
  • Then we follow-up with you to make sure it’s working and provide repair services if they are ever needed.
  • Your satisfaction is our biggest concern.

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